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Fall in love with your Breath, my wish for you ...

Following ancient traditions, I propose you to rediscover your Breathing patterns, explore your essence by bringing awareness to this most loyal friend with we have all the way long of our Life.

This invitation is about tapping into your own Truth, allowing whatever is meant to come to be felt through the power of


David Valantin Breathwork Teacher Sacred Sounds Chant Healer 5D Sanctuary Shamanic journey


Conscious Connected Breathing

What kind of benefits you might get by practicing Conscious Connected Breathing ?

Conscious Connected Breathing is a beautiful tool, while well guided you help yourself out with balancing 


​Mind ❂ Body ❂ Emotions

"Become your own explorer"

Capture d’écran 2023-10-15 à 18_edited.j

☉Within your Mind :

Deep insights : Understand your fears
( Shadow Work )

Improve mental focus, level of concentration

Observe and lower your addictive patterns

Perception is more driven by Contentment & Joy

Let go of Control

Cope anxiety 

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☉Within your Body :

Blood Pressure Regulation

Physical Tension Release 

Improve Respiratory Quality 

Lower Stress Hormones Level

Regulation of your nervous system

Improve your Immune System

Capture d’écran 2023-10-15 à 18_edited_e

☉Within your Soul :

Feeling of authenticity, feel your Truth

Reconnect with your Intuition 

Integrating Self Love

Addressing Emotional Traumas

Restore your electro Biofield

Energetic Alignement & Attunment

Kundalini Activation 

"Welcome Here"

"I do believe we don't hazardously meet up here and now.
Universal attraction might want us to learn from each other.

Breathwork Teacher 400H certified, more my personal practice and experience.

I have learnt the Ancient Teachings, and some new alchemist technics of "Breathing".

My Core Education allows me to hold space for 1 : 1 session to group workshops.

I balance my practice in between the Spirits World and Mother Nature.
Deeply rooted into Shamanism and cosmic laws, I enjoy a lot co-creating beautiful ceremonies with the Container.

I would be very honoured to meet you up on your Journey, and hold a safe space for your experience"


Hi,I am David,

David Valantin Meditation 5D Sanctuary Breathwork Teacher Chanting Artist Acrylic Canvas Painter

"Working with your Shadowmight feel uncomfortable,If you suppress Resistance,you end up the Suffering".

"Attune Your WHOLE Self"

David Valantin Individual Conscious Connected Circular Breathing French Spanish English

Session 1:1

This format is usually allowing the depth to take over. 
Intimate and Customised, it operates strong release, allowing hidden inner blockages to reveal themselves.
This kind of container is proposed to anyone willing to go deep in their process. 




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"Within the Circle"The Power of the Collective

Group Session

Breathwork Integration End of session
Circle Gathering Mountain
David Valantin hosting a group session, Breathwork Workshop Manchester Shamanic Breath and Sharing Circle for transformative healing

This is an amazing container, a powerful supportive operator.

By synching and connecting together as a collective experience, we are allowing a block chain release to happen.

Very transformative and this ancestral tradition is a beautiful tool to address pains, blockages, traumas, and lineage wounds.


David Valantin leading  chanting ceremony, shamanic circle
David Valantin Breathwork session Bioenergetic Tantra Circle



"Must be Read"Before considering Breathwork

Breathwork is absolutely Beginner Friendly, 

Everyone is Welcome to this Beautiful Practice.

No spiritual requirement, no specific yoga condition, 

come as you are with the will to connect and participate.

English, Spanish, French language available 

Unfortunately some Health Conditions could be contra-indicated,
Please be aware of it and take time to read the


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