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Reconnect within the Present and set any layers of your Body free.
This is an invitation to come back to your authentic self, with no everlasting armour from the Past. 


Allow yourself to reconnect Body . Mind . SpiritBE in the Present Time

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3 Essentials







A Psychic Channel invites a guidance from an Higher Wisdom, this is the language of the Soul 

Somatic Alignment® is IPHM certified, this Holistic Medicine gentle approach helps in lifting resistances blocking the Alignment.
Aiming towards Nervous System Regulation, stretching the window of tolerance, and re-balancing the life force

Energy Activation is a transfer of some different kind of energies, the source is always the same.
The vibrations, the frequencies and the types diverge with the session and the guidance.

David Valantin 5d snactuary_edited_edite


Founder of 5D Sanctuary 

Your facilitator Energy and Somatic Alignement® 
accredited IPHM Worldwide

If you feel disrupted by fatigue, pain, physical restrictions, nervous state, emotional numbness, or even accentuated mood swings, we would observe somewhere within the flow of your Etheric and Mechanical Energy, if some blocage could be released.

This is a powerful Energy Work, that indulges a way back towards BEING instead of being define by DOING.
.Here we use some elemental tools as gentle active Breathing, Mouvement and Touch.
The intention is to attune the Energy Flow within any layers.

I offer somatic touches, implementing elemental energy, taping within the 5D Consciousness, a guidance through Prana building up, and according to the Kinetic and Potential response provided by the person, together we intend to find the way of the authentic flow.


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