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"Within the Circle"The Power of the Collective

Group Session

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This is an amazing container, a powerful supportive operator.

By synching and connecting together as a collective experience, we are allowing a block chain release to happen.

Very transformative and this ancestral tradition is a beautiful tool to address pains, blockages, traumas, and lineage wounds.


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As group enters the experience together, we tend to collect different kind of energy sources, in the same room, at the same time.
Like a block chain where anyone has his purpose and work to be done, we are sourcing within various powers:  kinetic, thermic, electromagnetic, and spiritual one,

The container usually works as a catalytic support to every single ones and to the united circle.

Offering ourself opportunities of having the support of many within each individual experience, we globally embrace and  address Collective healing.

This configuration more than often provides deep and intense inner observation, 
and grant a powerful transformation to anyone wishing to go there. 



"Must be Read"Before considering Breathwork

Breathwork is absolutely Beginner Friendly, 

Everyone is Welcome to this Beautiful Practice.

No spiritual requirement, no specific yoga condition, 

come as you are with the will to connect and participate.

English, Spanish, French language available 

Unfortunately some Health Conditions could be contra-indicated,
Please be aware of it and take time to read the


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