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David is an Holistic Practitioner and an Artist, using his psychic channel for the purpose of new alternatives of healing, living, creating and supporting the open Consciousness.

He is born in South of France in the 80’s, embracing French culture from his father’s family and Spanish one from his mother’ side.
As far as he can remember, he always had been strongly supported by his intuition, before it could be called a channel.

He worked in several parts of Europe, mostly with an International Corporate Start up in a previous time, and some various and distinct professional experiences when he was younger, until he fully embraced his gifts.
Aligning his own self with the path of Others was meant to be, learning and re-learning, granted with some Life experience, he fully committed to many practices in order to seriously trained himself, to safely hold space, to seek for a sense of Truth, and to help and improve Others lives.

His channel became very strong anytime he was in contact with Music, Paintings or Energy Work.

David perceives the dimension of the Human Experience through emotions, visions, sensations.
As a Full empath and psychic channel.

For him everyone, every design is unique and part of the whole picture, that’s why he decided to absorb several ancient teachings and adopt them in fusion with his channel to create the 5D Synergies : Breathwork Therapy, Energy and Somatics Work, and the Sacred Sounds.

Power of Expression, and open containers with safety, are the number one master key for Channeling and Transmitting vibrations, and sharing his expertises on ancient teachings.

He consults on individual appointment, holds workshops and retreats, with Love and Wisdom.



from Heart to Heart

"Because I feel it in my soul, most of us will accomplish wonderful healing, inspire a new dimension of Unconditional Love, and will gracefully embrace the New ways and respect the recovering of the Old ones.

I have been gifted with Empathy, I'm still learning mindful Compassion, I think it's another never ending learning.
Psychic Channelling through hands, chants and Acrylic painting is another Energy flow that usually invites itself around me.

I have embraced the support of Mother Earth, and have been guided by the stars as my Father, allowing my intuitions to express, and reset some parts.

One part of that journey is actually driven by spirits, and the other one by pure Scientific facts.

The more, the merrier...

Much Love "

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