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"Attune Your WHOLE Self"

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Session 1:1

This format is usually allowing the depth to take over. 
Intimate and Customised, it operates strong release, allowing hidden inner blockages to reveal themselves.
This kind of container is proposed to anyone willing to go deep in their process. 



We would be able to explore various aspects of yourself within the 1 : 1. 

Wether it's an online Session Breathing Mediation, 
or an in person appointment. 

We will get to turn the wheel of personal archetypes, and over pass the conceptual mind.

Approaching unknown breathing patterns creates an invite for a new open mindset. 
Then by soliciting the nervous system, we might allow some personal, emotional, physical releases.

Using some ancient rituals as the breath of the shamans, or very long sessions Holotropic Like, you certainly will invite yourself to get reborn within a new dimension.
Somewhere where being and feeling matters, following a process of your own transformation.

This rebirthing comes with the gift of personal observation, then depending of your practice and your will to discover about yourself, the benefit is on the long run to develop an easiness about aligning by your own Mind - Body  - Spirit.

Discovering the real power of your Breath is pure Neuroscience, breathing is monitored by the medulla oblongata, within the brainstem, and from all the mammals realm we are currently the only ones 
capable to influence and change our breathing patterns.
In physical performances we understand the importance of a smart regulation of that tool.


With Breathwork, the simple fact to observe the way you inhale and exhale, without even intending to modify it, increase the quality of interaction between your amygdala and the pre-frontal cortex. 
As a result, responses to fears or blockages triggers are, someway, way more adapted and wiser than if there were no observation.

During long sessions cathartic release might happen but this not at all the prior goal.
The idea is to meet your reel self truly enough to understand where you have the power, the wisdom and the kidness for yourself.

I use a lot of sounds, Musics, 
Frequencies for your journeys, and some Somatics, Energitic manipulations in case it's required and agreed.

Breathwork recommendations before any Session 

Come with an empty stomach ( last meal should be no less than 2 hours early )

Bring your Water and a Blindfold

Wear Loose and comfy outfit ( not tied on the belly level ) 

Come with an open mind and open heart 


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"Within the Circle"The Power of the Collective

Group Session

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This is an amazing container, a powerful supportive operator.

By synching and connecting together as a collective experience, we are allowing a block chain release to happen.

Very transformative and this ancestral tradition is a beautiful tool to address pains, blockages, traumas, and lineage wounds.


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As group enters the experience together, we tend to collect different kind of energy sources, in the same room, at the same time.
Like a block chain where anyone has his purpose and work to be done, we are sourcing within various powers:  kinetic, thermic, electromagnetic, and spiritual one,

The container usually works as a catalytic support to every single ones and to the united circle.

Offering ourself opportunities of having the support of many within each individual experience, we globally embrace and  address Collective healing.

This configuration more than often provides deep and intense inner observation, 
and grant a powerful transformation to anyone wishing to go there. 



"Must be Read"Before considering Breathwork

Breathwork is absolutely Beginner Friendly, 

Everyone is Welcome to this Beautiful Practice.

No spiritual requirement, no specific yoga condition, 

come as you are with the will to connect and participate.

English, Spanish, French language available 

Unfortunately some Health Conditions could be contra-indicated,
Please be aware of it and take time to read the


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