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Following ancient traditions, I propose you to rediscover your Breathing patterns, explore your essence by bringing awareness to this most loyal friend with we have all the way long of our Life.

This invitation is about tapping into your own Truth, allowing whatever is meant to come to be felt through the power of


Conscious Connected Breathing

Your Questions

Why should I have this Therapy with David ?

What are the actual rates for Breathwork Therapy ?


Why should I consider Breathwork Therapy?

"Become your own explorer"

​Mind ❂ Body ❂ Spirit

☉Within your Mind :

Deep insights : Understand your fears
Shadow Work

Improve mental focus, level of concentration

Observe and lower your addictive patterns

Perception driven by Contentment & Joy

Let go of Control

Cope anxiety 

☉Within your Body :

Blood Pressure Regulation

Physical Tension Release 

Improve Respiratory Quality 

Lower Stress Hormones Level

Regulation of your nervous system

Improve your Immune System

☉Within your Soul :

Feeling of authenticity, feel your Truth

Reconnect with your Intuition 

Integrating Self Love

Addressing Emotional Traumas

Restore your electro Biofield

Pranic Activation 

Therapeutic Breathwork is one powerful Master Key to open the doors of Self Exploration.
This Therapy is part of Alternative & Holistic Medecines.
as we don't encourage creating expectations on the outcomes, hereby some potential benefits :


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