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Conscious Connected Breathing

Why should You haveBreathwork Therapy with David ?

"Working with your Shadowmight feel uncomfortable,If you suppress Resistance,you end the Suffering".

Maybe the answer to that question should be answered by myself...

I'm David, an Holistic Practitioner, and on my journey I have started with the practice of Breathwork.
At First, I experienced it as a very strict Yogic approach, studying Prayanamas and Kryas. 
I have followed a 2 years program of Kundalini Wisdom, where our Pranic circuit is highly sollicitatted in order to access some Energy level to reach certain states on the journey of Personal Growth.

Then as my love for my Breathing Practice was growing up, I decided to jump into facilitating this ancient and confusing practice for some of you.
Part of the Human Experience is to simply share with humility what you feel was a wonderful learning, and if you get the chance to merge it with what you would like to do on your daily basis, it reaches a certain amount of Happiness.

Then I trained a lot, I am over 400H certified multi-style Breathing Practices :
Re-birthing, Holotropic, Elemental Bio-energetic, and Tantric...

I personally don't learn properly if I don't experience, I do believe we have to feel it deeply, understand what is our own dysregulation nervous system wise to get the chance to comprehend and to connect to the anyone nervous system.
From there, I have  discovered my way of facilitating Breathwork, I love a gentle approach, I trust the Wisdom of each individuals, in the conciliation of any parts to reunify in disconnection, with an Holistic Compassion.

From the Past ( wounds ) I got hyper-sensitive, from learning I have stretched my Window of Tolerance, and turn this sense into a wonderful ally, tapping into structured empathy, my design allows me the gifts of full Empathy and Psychic channel.
So on the exploration of your emotional and/or holographic journey, I'm a strong guide
to be with.
I prioritize Safety over Sensationalism, Existentialism and healthy Detachment over getting hooked onto a none healthy psychedelic narrative.

Breathwork is one stone of the pyramid of Growth of the Holistic Medecine, you get to talk with your Soul, reconnect with your emotions, let go of pre-made concepts created as patterns, observe your self, change your way of existing.


I have developed Breathwork Therapy based on the teachings I received from Thailand, South America, and Armenia, 
I have merged those experiences with those facilitating years to create a stable container, that I m Happy to work with and which one brings improvement and easiness into the life of Others. 
Much Love,


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