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Our 3 days retreat in South of France

A journey towards yourself is the purpose of this weekend retreat

We will intend to attune, align, and potentially start to open up new channels

Initiate the shift of transformation or deepening the path of self-discovery
with an open mind and open heart





Somatic Alignment

Sound Healing

Energy Work


In the heart of the South-Western part of France, in between Bordeaux and Toulouse, merging Périgord and Quercy,

Our venue stretches over more than 28 hectares of woods and meadows: three springs feed a stream as well as two ponds suitable for swimming and tempered swimming pools. 

Intimate Container 10 participants max

This ancient Domain has been beautifully renovated, a secret gem of green lands.
Our workshops will be attended inside a wonderful shala, and different outdoors locations within the property. 


Shala Venue Yoga Breathwork Sound Healin

Make the first step towards Yourself

Outdoor terrasse_edited.jpg

Deep Connection with Nature

Venue Outdoor table_edited.jpg

Surrender and Soften

Some strategic informations :

⦾ 30min from Agen ( Train, Bus station ) 

⦾ 1H from Bergerac airport
⦾ 1H from Cahors
⦾ 1H20 from Toulouse Airport
⦾ 1H30 from Toulouse Train Station ( Matabiau Train station ) 
⦾ 1H45 from Bordeaux (  Merignac Airport and St Jean Train station ) 

Where will you sleep ?

Our charming Venue has been recently refurbished into organic "French campagne" style, with the whole comfort your experience requires.

As the journey is towards yourself, connect truly and authentically, this beautiful nest offers double bedrooms each one receiving 2 persons with two twin beds, with wifi, closets and amenities for you to enjoy your resting times.


If you would like to occupy the room on your own, it might be possible adding an extra fee that would be shown on the booking page.
In case you would like to partner with someone please contact us and let us know that we could arrange it for you.

This retreat is based on energy work, even if we do not support any label or gendering conditioning, for everyone to feel very comfortable, we will do our best to pair same gender person up together, except if you request the other way around.


We want this experience to be an open communication and a safe space, 
anything could be reasonably organised with mindfulness.


What will you eat ?

We have arrange for you to get the most beneficial support for your stay, it's important to clear up any channels for your personal work and adventure to be optimal.
That's why our cook will prepare with a lot of Love every meal as vegetarian and gluten free.

We have a strict policy regarding addictions, as the weekend is meant to be transformative you will be strongly encouraged to firmly stick to this healthy diet.

Fresh food locally and carefully sourced, Ayurveda inspired 
The pleasure of home made high vibrational meals and sensitive creative cooking.


What will you do ?

Our program has been designed to allow yourself in those 3 days time to have a safe intense experience walking towards your inner journey.

This retreat is self personal development process including group container energetic activities like breathwork and bioenergetics.

You might like to check our schedule below and we also encourage you to double check the level of your commitment as you might engage into emotional and physical stages over the retreat.

This 3 Days transformative deep connection will invite some healing and personal grothw.

Any kind of blocages or suffering you are facing, from this timeline or even trans-generational nodes can start to untighten.

We will all closely work together
in this dynamic, De-armouring the body, Nervous system approach, and Freeing your energetic channels.

Please understand that even we will tend to gently and mindfully facilitate this program with a lot of Love and Compassion, 
this is not a relaxing stay.

You might feel relax with a lot of benefits on the long run of your integration and by the day of your leaving, but we will ask for your to be present and engaged with your own process in all the workshops.




15:00 - SNACK



19:00 - DINNER


Who is your main lead facilitator ?


Hi, I'm David.

I feel very honoured you are considering to join our 3 days program.

I created this transformative journey towards healing, and I personally experienced all of those workshops.

- 400H certified breathwork teacher
( Yogic and Therapeutic ) incl. 200H Breathwork TTC presential with Samma Karuna Thailand

- Certified as a Somatic Energy Alignment Practitioner developed by Santiago Ramirez 

-Student of Sat Dharam Kaur:
Wisdom of Kundalini

- Certified as Bhakti Yoga Teacher
by Aylan School and Audrey Sarquilla


I'm very grateful and lucky to have benefit from so many wonderful teachers around this World.
Today I'm willing to share back and do my best to empower co-creativity and safe space for us to learn from each other.

The path of personal growth
is vast and wonderful, when you decide to step in and provide love in any multi-dimensional way to yourself and others, this is where the real magic happens.

I'm an Holistic Practitioner and an Heartfelt Artist, my ground is Energy Activation, Breathwork, Meditation, Sacred Sounds Healing, and Bhakti Yoga.

I created the 5D Sanctuary® for us to express, to heal and to grow up as a community, a life school, because if we are capable to accept ourself fully and authentically we can accept everyone.

Someone with a positive shift of perception, connected to their higher self, will be an amazing teacher to new generations: I'm talking about A
ttunement, Respect, and Authentic Freedom. 

Much Love


"Meeting our Soul is just the begining of Deep and Eternal Dance "

David 5D Sanctuary

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